BACKGROUND CHECK STATUS: An applicant may only request the status of their background check with the agency that requested their background check since the background check response may only be one part of the employment or licensing process. The DOJ’s Integrated Voice Response (IVR) System can provide a simplistic status of the background check processing status, but this status should not be construed as an indication of the employment or licensing status. The review of an applicant’s criminal history is only one piece of an agency’s process in making a suitability determination. The phone number to engage with the IVR is (916) 227-2300. The ATI identifies the transaction. Answers to background check process questions will only be responded to if asked by the agency’s designated point-of-contact (referred to as their Custodian of Records.)

DISCREPANCIES: If you believe there is a discrepancy in your criminal history record, you can obtain a copy of your California criminal history record by completing the form BCIA 8016RR, REQUEST FOR LIVE SCAN SERVICE. The form is available online by clicking on the link, Criminal Records - Request Your Own. After you receive the copy of your own criminal history record, you should review it, identify any incomplete, inaccurate, or missing court information, and follow up with the court where your case was held to request the court submit any corrected information to the DOJ Bureau of Criminal Information and Analysis (BCIA). You should also follow the instructions in the letter included with your copy of your criminal history record for disputing inaccuracies. If you choose, you may designate your legal counsel to receive a copy of your criminal history record (pursuant to Penal Code section 11124.)Type your paragraph here.

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